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Liquid Waste Removal & Treatment – Western Australia

RMD Industrial Services is a Western Australian owned and operated business, which provides Liquid Waste Removal and Treatment Services to homes, businesses, and industrial operations throughout the Perth metropolitan area and regional WA.

  • Diesel Transport & Storage
  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning Services & Certifications
  • Gas Free Services & Certifications
  • Septic Tank Cleans & Decommissions
  • Grease Traps (Water Corp FOGMAN Approved)
  • Liquid Waste Removals
  • Pressure Cleaning – Hot & Cold
  • Road Sweeping
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning & Vacuum Loading
  • 24-Hour Emergency Spill Response
  • Quarantine Cleaning, Transport & Treatment
  • FOGMAN Licensed Grease Trap Contractor (FOGMAN Licensed for all Grease Traps)

    RMD Industrial Services is a FOGMAN licensed liquid waste contractor through the Water Corporation. As such, we comply with a code of practice to service grease arrestors to the required standard and comply with the required reporting process set by the Water Corporation on your behalf.

    Approved Carrier, Quarantine & Treatment Facilities

    RMD Industrial Services is a licensed carrier of waste categories 1-15 (in package and bulk). We operate our own DEC approved and licensed Treatment Plant and DAFF/AQIS approved Carrier, Quarantine, and Treatment facilities.

    We also operate an extensive fleet of Waste Removal and Transportation vehicles, including a Road Sweeper, Vacuum Suction Trucks (from 4,000L to 20,000L), and Vacuum Tankers (9,000L to 20,000L).

    We are proud to deliver excellence in quality assurance and have been recognised to conform with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standards.

    As a Quality Assured company with DEC, DAFF, and AQIS approved facilities, our clients can rest assured that all work is carried out by qualified and highly experienced personnel to the highest industry standards.

    Our Clients

    RMD Industrial Services provides professional and cost effective Liquid Waste and Treatment solutions to a large number of residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout WA. Our clients include: BHP Billiton, Shell, Alcoa, Coogee Chemicals, Verve Energy, Spotless, Department of Defence, and BAE Systems.

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