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At RMD Industrial Services, we are committed to protecting the environment. We operate our own Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) approved and licensed Waste Treatment facility in Rockingham to ensure the highest standard of service throughout the Liquid Waste Removal and Treatment process.

For Quarantine work we use the triple⁷ product IODASAN as our sanitising agent, which is approved via DAFF/AQIS. Our carrier and treatment facilities are also DAFF and AQIS approved.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Eco_LogoRMD Industrial Services ensures all chemicals used are bio-based and environmentally friendly. We use and distribute “triple ⁷ Chemistries” products. These products are non-toxic and readily biodegradable plant-based formulations made from renewable plant sources.

triple ⁷ products use surfactant technology to remove soiling without damaging cleaning surfaces. They are free of petroleum products, ammonium compounds, strong acids and caustics, lauryl sulphates, sulphonics and phenolics, synthetics, builders and reagents, glycol ethers, and terpenes.


These high performance formulations enable us to clean and deodorise without the use of toxic chemicals. They also:

  • Eliminate disposal issues
  • Reduce the incidence of Occupational Health & Safety issues
  • Extend the life of equipment and make it easier to maintain
  • Protect waterways and the environment

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